What To Do If You Get A Scratch On Your Car

Getting a scratch on your car can be an absolute disaster. You might have had an unfortunate encounter with another road user which involved them knocking into your car either purely through an accident or as a result of dangerous or poor driving. The scratch may even have been caused by yourself, in which case, you’ll probably feel absolutely awful about it for a good few months afterwards. Whatever the cause for your scratch, there are certain things that you need to do when it happens.

Examine your vehicle

You need to thoroughly check your vehicle for any damages. It might be the case that you have only just scratched the surface of the paintwork, but you might have caused some further damage. You will need to properly check to see what damage has been done, and if it wasn’t your fault, you might be able to make an insurance claim.

Take it to a place with a good reputation

When you go to have the car repaired and get any scratches mended and covered up, you should ensure that you visit somewhere that has a good reputation. There are many companies and tradesmen that will do a botch job and leave your car in worse condition than it already was. When gettingĀ  the best car coating for your vehicle, check out Sensha and call up first to make sure they can offer the service that you need. You can usually take your car to the premises of the business to get a free quote and find out exactly how much it is going to cost to repair.

Take the details of other parties

If you do want to claim on the insurance of the party who was at fault, you will need to take some details as soon as the incident happens. You should gather as much information as possible, including the contact details of any people passing by who are happy to act as witnesses. You will need the license plate, address, name, and contact number of the person who is at fault, and if they are denying it, you will need to settle it through the insurance company and any solicitors that become involved in the case.

Take photographs

No matter how small or large the damage is, you should take a picture of what has happened. Even if it was your fault, it’s a good idea to take a picture in case you need to show somebody the damage and get a quote for the cost of repairing it. If it was the fault of someone else and not yours, photographs and any other evidence will be very useful when trying to make your case against the third party. Photographs can also be helpful for working out what exactly happened and how the damage was caused. Even if you don’t use the pictures for anything legal, you can compare before and after pictures to see how well the paint job has been done!


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