How to Make Product More Appealing to Customers?

We all want to buy products, which look more eye-catchy and appealing to us. Marketers and organisations pay special attention and invest their time in making the final product look attractive to the customers. As a seller, we know that the buying behaviour of consumers highly dependent on their eyes. They make an intuitive decision when they see something appealing.  

For example, we have made an organic product. We are new to the market, and we have to create awareness among customers. Our product is highly effective. We have come up with an amazing product in terms of health and hygiene. We had invested so much time on the research of making a product and had not kept a budget for marketing and packaging. We have kept the jar of the product on the shelves. People see it but do not tend to buy it, as they do not see anything particular in that packaging.  

On the other hand, some company has introduced the same product with low quality but better packaging and marketing tactics. Customers would attract to that product and want to try it. The buying behaviour is called intuitive buying. We have to keep the psychology of customers in our mind when designing a product to be showcased on the shelves.  

Importance of Product Label 

The product labels in Toronto and packaging play a vital role in buying behaviours.  Now, the question that arises here is that what are the things that we have to consider while product labelling. Let us have a look at the important points that customers have to read before buying a product. 

  • Company Name 

The most important thing that we have to add to the labelling is the name of a company. We all know that product sells itself with the name of a company. Customers do not want to invest their money in a newly launched product. The name of a company tells the quality of the product. They tend to buy it without giving a second thought. Therefore, a name of a company has to be there on the product labels in bold letters.  

  • Price 

We have seen many products, which do not have the price mention on the product. We have to go to the check counter to scan the bar code to know the price. It is not a preferable thing. Customers have a limited budget. They need to know the price of the product before they buy it. We must print the price for the customer’s convenience.  

  • Ingredients 

Many people are allergic to few ingredients. They thoroughly read the ingredients of the products before they buy. We must have a detailed list given in the label for the convenience of the consumers.  

  • Weightage 

The weightage and the nutritional facts mention on the label of the products. Some people follow strict diet plans. They have to check their measurements before they consume the product. If we print all the things in details regarding the weight and the nutrition’s, it makes it easy for the customers to use the product. 

  • Expiry Date 

The expiry date plays a vital role in the purchasing of the product. If the expiry is short then, no one tends to buy it. If there is no expiry mention on the label, buyers will perceive it as an old product with removed expiry.  

How to make Packaging Attractive 

We can make our product look appealing and attractive to the customers in many ways. Following are the few things that help us in convincing the customers to pick our product. 

  • Ribbons 

Ribbons give a traditional yet fashionable touch to the packaging. The correct size of the ribbon matters the most. The preferable thing about choosing ribbon printing is that it can be customised in any colour, shape, and size.  

  • Style 

The style of the product has to be different and unique. For example, if we are launching a product for the kids, we have to pay attention to the colour and the design. A cartoon character design is appreciated.  

  • Convenience 

The convenience of the customers also plays an important role. If we keep convenience in mind and design the product accordingly, it makes huge differences in the sales and profits

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