How to Be a Good Dog Sitter

Dogs are one of the favourite pets around the world. It is, in fact, difficult to find people who dislike dogs. They are loveable, loyal and easy to be around. Some people, so much so, prefer to dogs over people. The biggest problem for dog owners is to find suitable accommodation for their dogs while they are away. Not many airlines, buses or trains are very dog friendly. The same can be said about hotels, guest houses and inns. In such a time, having someone who is reliable and has a way with dogs, is a relief. Being a dog sitter is not only rewarding, but is also a way to earn a lot of money. One cannot, however, be a dog sitter without any love or passion for dogs. You simply should not attempt to be a dog sitter if you don’t feel passionately about dogs. If you can’t get enough of dogs however, here is a how you become a good dog sitter.

Keep a separate space

One simply cannot be a good dog sitter by just keeping some dogs at his own house. You need a dedicated space for the dogs to stay in. Enclosures are your friend when it comes to this matter. Simply type dog enclosures Melbourne and you will be bombarded with different types, at various price ranges. The main factor you should be looking for in a dog enclosure is strength, durability and flexibility. It cannot break after a dog’s first attempt to jump over it and neither can it be so inflexible that you can only fix it to one spot.

Learn a few dog activities

You do not, by any means, become a good dog sitter, just because you have a cordoned off space to house the dogs. You cannot plunk the dogs down in an enclosure and expect them to entertain themselves. This will only result in fussy and grumpy dogs. You, as a dog sitter, should learn a few dog activities such as fetch, Frisbee and a few other dog games to keep your dog happy and occupied at all times. In those occasions that you are not up to playing with them, you should always keep a few rawhide bones handy for them to chew on.

Take time to learn about the dogs

One of the most important things when it comes to being a great dog sitter is to know your dogs. This is an area that many dog sitter fail to grasp. They simply assume that just because they play a few games and give some food, it will make them great dog sitters. This is nothing but a misconception. Every dog is different and learning about each dog will help you to give them and yourself both a pleasant stay.

Stick to a system

A dog sitter would attest to the fact that every dog is different. This however, should not affect how you run your routine. Your routine should be fixed, while you should be flexible enough to attend to the needs of each dog individually. A dog refusing to eat at lunch time does not mean that you should replace it with play time. Play time should always remain at the same time, but you could change the type of lunch you give to the dog.

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