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How Do Painters Decide How Much They Should Get Paid?

When dealing with a painter, the first thing you talk about is the estimate for the project that is at hand. You can be a painter or an individual who requires the services of a painter. Either way, it is good to have at least a brief understanding of how an estimate is designed. This will help you in judging if you are being charged fairly as a client or if you are paid the amount you deserve as a painter.

Here are few common components that are considered when making an estimate for a painting project.

How much labour the painter puts in

Any commercial painter Sydney will define labour as the total time they invest towards completing the project. This will include the time taken to meet and discuss details with the client and the time required to actually paint the relevant area.

The first thing that is considered is the dimensions of the house or workplace that is needed to be improved. This will help determin the total surface area that will be involved in the project and the time taken to cover that area. Next, time taken for drying will have to be considered. If more than one coat needs to be applied on a certain surface, the time taken for drying in between each coat will also be considered.

Apart from this, time taken for preparation is critical. A painter would study the surface and decide if the old paint needs to be removed and if there are any cracks or damages that need to be repaired.  The complexity of the project will again impact the total labour required. Other minor tasks like travelling will also be taken into account.

How much you will need to spend on buying materials

This is a cost the painter will present to you separately. It basically covers the costs of the paint, solvents and the equipment used such as the brushes and rollers as well as any other additional materials such as sandpaper. You will have the chance to look through the list of materials and minimise the costs if you have the ability to provide any of the items on the list without having to purchase it.

How much profit the painter will be making

A painting project isn’t one that is offered free of charge. As a professional, the painter will need to make a good profit out of it. Therefore, the estimate will also contain the amount the painter keeps as profit.

Apart from this, painters would add another small amount they define as overhead. This will include the expenses that the painter has to bear for his day-to-day business activities such as utility payments.

The final estimate will however depend on some other variables as well. The amount of experience a painter has will allow them to charge a higher profit and a larger amount on labour. More reputed painters will also put forward heavier estimates.

These professionals will also consider the amounts charged by their colleagues in the profession and use it as a benchmark when presenting the estimates. Therefore, it is important to remember that there is never a specific format that is followed when designing an estimate. However, using the points mentioned above, you should have the capability to judge the practicality of a certain estimate.

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