Helpful Tips for Starting a Blog as a Local Business

Gone are the days small local businesses were limited to local residents. Thanks to the internet, you can greatly expand your target audience. Of your business is on the forefront of the internet, you will be able to attract people who visit the area as customers as well.

One of the biggest tools of spreading your brand name on the net is a blog. Blogging can get your small local business trending on social media. Your business, or you, can emerge as a very knowledgeable entity in the field as well. Therefore, it’s important to blog, even if you are just a tiny local business. If you are thinking about blogging, here are some suggestions that will help you:

Choose an Advanced Plan to Host the Blog

You need a business level hosting plan locally for your blog that suits the CMS that you use (like WordPress or Joomla). For example, if you are using Drupal to create an Aussie blog, buy a Drupal hosting Australia package. You will benefit from specialised features and faster speeds because servers are located locally.

Choose a Topic that will Interest Locals and Outsiders Alike

It’s tough to choose a topic for a blog. For local businesses, the process is even harder. You must choose a topic that will be appealing to your local customer base and online audiences alike. You might have to brainstorm for a while. In any case, don’t pick a generic topic. You will lose both audiences.

Don’t Publish Clickbait

When you have a blog for a small local business, it’s difficult to attract readers. So, the temptation will be high to publish clickbait and hope it goes viral on social media. However, resist the temptation. Your blog should aim to be respectable and reputable with plenty of useful and reliable information. That’s the only way to retain customers. When you publish clickbait, you instantly lose whatever credibility the blog has.

Manage Traffic Wisely

Anticipate the traffic numbers to rise and ebb depending on the content you post. Therefore, the Drupal hosting provider that you chose, or for another CMS, should be able to handle this traffic without taking your blog offline.

Use Location-Specific Keywords

When you use keywords, make sure they are location-specific. Remember, your target customer base is still local. Therefore, you need to aim to attract them with local keywords.

Also, visuals are important. It’s the internet. Everyone clicks on what they see, not what they read. Therefore, make your blog appealing with lovely graphics and videos to lure in customers and readers alike.

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