5 Buying Tips To Protect Samsung Edge Phones From Hazards


Samsung phones have their own tribe of proponents when it comes to style, features, and technology. Like any other valuable, our smartphones and tablets are needed to be protected from any haphazard which could trigger at any time. We often hear stories about smartphone disasters and accidents or share stories on Facebook but little do we realise that it could happen to us too. We too could drop the phone in the toilet, or leave it for an accident by the hand of an inquisitive toddler or let it loose grip from our hand and go flat face down on the floor in a jiffy. All these things lead us to realise that our smartphone and tablet need as much protection as another valuable in our life. Reason being, with the passage of time smartphones, have been becoming more technologically advanced but fragile as well, though things have been set in place to address this issue but despite, it is important to safeguard one’s hefty investment in a smartphone. Life in Australia happens to be very busy, you cannot protect your belongings all the time, therefore, there are more chances that your phone is on the verge of accidents than others. Therefore, getting a suitable case and insurance for your expensive asset is a must here. Case Buddy has been doing great in this regard, allowing its customers to choose the right cover as per their own specifications, utility needs and preferences. Gone are the days when standard covers use to work, now the options are vast and also, full of functionalities. Considering this, below are given a few tips to help you choose a case for Samsung S7 which tends to be very delicate if not protected correctly.  

Buy On Best Price 

You need to be clear in your head about the kind of case you want to buy. Once done, then you can check online for various sites where that case would be available. It is rare that you are going to get the best price for Samsung s7 case on manufacturer site, therefore, look out for the same option at other credible sites as well in order to take advantage of the price cut-offs or discounts. There is another thing which could be done, some manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty on cases instead of the discounts provided you are purchasing directly from them. So watch out very carefully! 

Do The Necessary Homework 

It is important that you do your homework regarding the Samsung case Australia before going out to buy one. You need to know exactly what features you need in it to suffice your needs. Also, that you are going to get the quality product, this will require you to read case reviews online to know about the experiences of others about it. If it is difficult to find a review online then you can opt for reading about the manufacturer as this will also give you a good insight into the quality of its products.  

Choose Features 

Nowadays Samsung cases in Australia come in various features and styles, just like the phone itself. Therefore, you need to choose which one you want in your case or which one you do not. For instance, if charging dock is your requirement then pick up an option which would support that need. Or if you need 360-degree hinges or a kickstand at the back then opt for those options. It is ideal that you make a checklist of features that you need in it and then choose accordingly.  

Figure Out Protection Need 

Another thing that you need to consider is to check out the amount of protection your Samsung s7 case should have, considering how much clumsy you are as a person. If it is common for you to drop a phone on the concrete or make it dip in the water then it is recommended to go for full protection feature. However, if you are careful about it then basic protection would work too. The more protection is there the more bulky and heavy the device could get. 

Screen Protectors 

Screen protectors safeguard the delicate screen of your Samsung device provided it has been purchased from a credible vendor and that it is made for your device & its model only. Otherwise, it could lead to imperfection or hindrance in using the touch screen with convenience.   

Last not least, always get the insurance on your phone if it is an expensive one. As you never know what might could happen at any time. Therefore, it is better to protect it on the financial end at the very beginning. 

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