Wins to Look Forward to Etsy in 2017

Etsy is now more than a decade old and a lot has changed over the past years and a lot more changes are surely awaiting us in 2017.  In this article, we are going to explore what steps Etsy would be taking in the coming year and what has been hidden from us till now. This is not something which is discussed on the social network openly, however, we have our analysis about Etsy on strong data and will provide you with some enriching information. Get your horses ready and ride through this article to inform yourself about the things you didn’t know about Etsy. Let’s get riding.

  • Seller services revenue

You would be surprised to know that Etsy’s business revenue comes mainly from seller services. The percentage of revenue from seller services amounts to almost 50% of the total revenue that Etsy receives. This is only being made possible because of the Etsy’s support to the budding entrepreneurs and solopreneurs on their website. Sellers are provided with excellent professional services such as better marketing and shipping facilities which make things easily manageable, helping you in bringing more revenue.

  • Machine learning capabilities

Etsy has terrific machine learning capabilities for its website operations. It has advanced its machine learning abilities to implement ways which aim to improve the efficiency of the business process. This reduces the cost and time which is required to come to the level of perfection. Many other firms have been using machine learning to enhance their services but Etsy has been very active in this field and would continue to improve upon it in the coming year also. Machine learning has been most successful in providing better search results for anyone searching anything on their website. This translates into better engagement rate and less bounce rate on their website, which inturn affects their websites SEO.

  • Buyer loyalty

The buyers have been coming back to Etsy year after year to purchase more. The buyer loyalty has been the top priority for Etsy and it has paid off well. In the coming years, the company is looking forward to better their strategies for customer loyalty and hope that this will continue in the future also.

  • Blog Mentions

Etsy is a great place for people who love and enjoy arts and crafts. The Etsy blog is also a great way to stay up to date and informed in the craft world. If you have a website that sells unique gifts, getting your website mentioned on the Etsy DIY projects is a great way to gain exposure which will also help with your websites organic rankings. There are many great SEO Services in Australia that can help you get mentions on great websties like Etsy.

  • Federal government connect

Etsy has been giving the local small scale entrepreneurs a voice in the federal government and providing a platform for their success. This is the biggest contribution of Etsy towards the entrepreneurial minds and is highly appreciated by the masses. This opportunity created by Etsy is regarded as the best policy of support in providing an easy way to let the not-so-well-funded startups a selling perspective. The Etsy has become a huge seller and buyer platform with many merits to rejoice for. Further, this trend is also to follow in the coming years too as Etsy considers it as the duty of its own to continue to support the entrepreneurs and solopreneurs.

In conclusion, the Etsy is the best place for the handmade and other crafts of goods for buying and selling. Anyone with the creative mind can make it big on Etsy. Etsy, on the other hand, has been constantly been on top providing the best services to both sellers and buyers. This platform has more to with connecting the people than being just a place to e-commerce.

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