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What steps are taken to replace roof?

A roof can be defined as the upper most covering of the whole building or the house. It protects all of the living and non living things that come within the circumferences of the roof. As roof’s purpose is to restrain the entrance of many naturally existing factors which often come with high pressure so it is made up of solid constructional materials.  It is the roof that protects us from heavy snowfall, thunderstorm, outrageous rain and scorching heat. This is the reason that utmost precaution and care is taken while installing roofs. However; there are times when sometimes due to the negligence of the workers or the contractor and sometimes due to the over usage; the roof start to get deteriorated. This deterioration can be in the form of leakage, cracks, or other such signs. All of these signs call for the roof replacement because it is better to get your roof fixed before any major accident takes place. In this article; we will be discussing about the different steps that are taken to replace roof in Sydney

Roofs, its types and the materials used in its making: 

We know that roofs are the upper most layer of any constructional project; be it the residential place or the commercial building. Some of the basic materials that are used in almost every type of roof structure are asphalt shingles, wood, metal, concrete, asbestos and fibre. 

The kind of roof that people chose to construct on their project depends upon two factors; one is the selection of such roof type which suits the environment of the particular place and second is the selection of the roof materials that suits that budget of the person. If we would like to divide roof on the basis of their structure or designing then we can divide them into flat roofs, sloped roofs, and peaked roofs. These types of roofs are selected on the basis of weather conditions. 

Roof replacement: 

There are times when our roofs start to get leaked or deteriorated from some places. Besides that; sometimes we want to improve the functioning of our roofs. These and other such reasons call for the process of roof replacement. There are various steps involved that area taken to replace roof. These steps are as follows: 

  • The process begins with the clearing of the area so that the delivery of constructional materials becomes easy while carrying out the process of roof replacement. 
  • Then the most important step is to replace the existing structure of roof completely as sometimes people make new roof on the already existing shingles which is not recommended at all. 
  • After that the deck has to be prepared and inspected to make sure that no loophole is left on which shingles are meant to be installed.  
  • Installation of the new roof is followed by the preparation of the shingles. This installation begins from the bottom and reaches to the top. 
  • Final yet very important step is to properly inspect or analyse the whole roof to make sure that no loophole is left. 

Cost of reroofing:  

People often assume that the cost of the process of reroofing must be similar to that of roofing process but that is not the case because in re-roofing; the existing structure has to be taken off which requires extra money. Basically; the process of reroofing involves two mains stages; one is the removal of the existing roof structure and second is the installation of the newer and better version of the roofing structure. This is the reason that the cost of re-roofing might go slightly higher than the actual cost of roofing process.  


Roof is undoubtedly one of the most important structures of any constructional project; be it the commercial one or the residential project. There are times when roofs get deteriorated and needs to be replaced with the newer one. This process of replacing the existing roof with the newer and better form of roof is known as roof replacement, many different steps are involved to replace roof;  beginning with the elimination of existing structure and ending with the final inspection of the whole roof. The cost of reroofing is slightly higher than the process of roof installation. “Hooky’s roofing” provides the best services of roof replacement, renovation or reconstruction.   

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