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Top Reasons to get a Fancy Entrance Mat

Decorating the house, are you? It must be exhausting figuring out the stuff that you do need as decoration and stuff that would be counted as extravagance. One thing that will not go in the latter category and that is, entrance mats.  

Entrance mats wholesale have a wide range of purposes and it is due to this fact that they’re now considered an integral part of any office or home. From adding a sophisticated look to your entrance, to protecting the house against dirt, especially in rainy season, entrance mats are considered a ‘must’ for any house. Due to their increasing demand, they’re now available in a variety of materials, such as, embroidered mats, printed entrance mats, plain entrance mats and so on. 

Interesting in knowing why they’re so popular? Let’s dig in! 

Protection against dirt 

Even if it’s not a rainy season, there is considerable amount of dirt trapped under the shoes and this dirt comes along when someone enters the house. If you have carpet, this dirt gets stuck in the carpet and this explains why you need to clean your carpet every few months! The dirt gets stuck in the carpet which is hard to remove unless properly cleaned. And, frequently cleaning the carpet through professional service can cost you a fortune in the long run. Plus, it also ruins the quality of the carpet, drastically shortening its life. So, to sum it up, a simple entrance mat saves you from spending a ton of money on carpets.  


Along with dirt, comes dust when you enter a house that has no entrance mat. This dust can pollute the air inside the house. It also traps in the carpets and other materials in the house. Dusty air can lead to several health problems. The trapped dust in carpets, curtains and furniture, can pollute the quality of air in the home, leading to allergies and other breathing problems. This might not give instant problems, but it raises serious health concerns in the long run. Mats on the entrance of the house can trap this dust and save the air inside from possible germs and dust particles. The dust stays trapped in the mat until you wash it away.  


It is quite obvious that with dust and dirt, you will have an increase in the number of germs in your house, if you don’t have entrance mat near the main door. The dust and dirt give rise to harmful germs that grow in your furniture, carpet and curtains, making your home a dangerous place to live in. The amount of these germs keeps increasing, resulting in the increase of health hazards. A mat on the entrance protects you from these germs by catching the dust and dirt as someone enters the home. This not only keeps the indoor air dust and germ-free, but also keeps your furniture and curtains free from germs, making the place perfectly safe for living.  

A sophisticated look  

Believe it or not, this is the primary concern of most homeowners these days. It is the main reason why most homeowners have a fancy printed entrance mat; its not for protection against dust, dirt or even germs. While this may sound absurd, it makes sense because entrance mats do add to the overall look of your house. In fact, these days, the house looks incomplete without a decent entrance mat near the door. The mat is usually according to the theme of the house as it is used as part of decoration. Some homeowners also tend to use the mat in contrast, making it more prominent and catchier. This not only adds to the appeal of the house, but also helps in keeping the house clean. The entrance mat is the first thing anyone sees when they enter the house. So, this can rightly qualify for determining the first impression of your house. This increases the importance of having a carefully chosen entrance mat.  

Commercial Use 

 As mentioned earlier, entrance mat is the first thing one notices when they enter the home. The statements hold true for offices and workplaces as well. So, many companies use printed entrance mats to display their logo. This is a cheap but effecting marketing strategy, considering the results it gets.  

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