Top 8 Tips To Buy Best Office Chairs In Australia

A working person spends most of its work time on a chair in front of the workstation. If you come to think of it then it approximately makes up to 40 or more hours during a week. If the seat is not comfortable enough then it could cause health issues and subtle posture problems in a person.

Nowadays, leather chairs are the most common ones and in demand when it is about the office setting. These do not only add comfort to the work routine of an individual but also, enhance the style quotient in the office. You could come across many vendors in Australia with a variety of office chairs which would vary in quality; therefore, finding the one which would suit best to the health and comfort needs of the employees require you to go through the following tips to ensure that your investment is right and at par with global employee benefit standards.

Go For the Full Back

Office chairs add to the productivity of a working person therefore, it has to be comfortable and come with a fullback. Factory Buys has been providing a range of great quality leather office chairs online to choose from, while purchasing just ensure that it comes with the fullback, lumbar support, height, and reclining settings.

90 Degree Angle

It has been said that the best office chair should let your hips, knees, and ankles be at an exact 90-degree angle. If these parts are not perfectly aligned then it means your leather office chair is either too tall or small for you.


The leather upholstery should be comfortable and textured. If you would find anything breathable then that would be an add-on benefit. Generally, the upholstery of leather office chair must be comfortable rather than abrasive, itchy and irritating as you have to sit on it the whole day. The best way out is to check yourself by sitting and trying out the chair if buying from a shop otherwise, in case of an online purchase, you can read the description or ask the online customer representative to serve the purpose at hand.


An ideal leather office chair in Australia has to be adjustable, it does not only be adjustable upward or downward but could also be able to move to either side. As you will sitting on it, therefore, it is important to have something adjustable to achieve proper sitting posture.

Easy To Change Sitting Settings

While buying leather office chairs online from Factory Buys, make sure these are adjustable without requiring any tool. Otherwise, no one would trigger the adjustment out of the pain of using tools to do the job at hand. In fact, changing seat setting should be easier and can be triggered by a person without them having to use any tools or second person’s help.

Be Able To Use Backrest

A person working while sitting on the office chair should be able to use the backrest of it. Generally, most of the Aussies are exposed to the loading effect of work and hence, prefer to sit by leaning forward so they could keep their feet on the ground, considering this when you are choosing the leather chair for office in Australia then it should make the employee use the backrest feature of it.

Moving Conveniently

The best office chairs should encourage you to move while using it. This will help in keeping the blood and oxygen flow regulated while providing the necessary support to your body needs during the movement. This is important to maintain the healthy work routine in office; hence, while buying or purchasing, make sure you are going to have the prior tryouts.

Flexible to Rest Arms & Shoulders

An ideal chair should be accommodating to your arms and shoulders as well. If you will have to shrug your shoulders to rest your arms at the armrests then you need not buy that leather office chair. Rather go for the one which will give your shoulder the comfort while providing support to the arms.

It is a widely accepted fact that our bodies are not able to sustain static positions for an extended period of time, it ends up in triggering pain. And, pain is the most obvious way of telling you that your office chair is not right for you. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that you choose your office furniture very minutely especially the chairs to make the best out of your investment.

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