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Mal Glanville and Co initially opened its entryways in 1975 and we are a second era family possessed and worked business adjusting the Central Coast and Hunter Regions with our broad information and polished methodology. We consistently search for approaches to improve measures to guarantee we keep in contact with customers and their needs. Call or email us now for best guidance. If you are looking for high quality plantation stutters in Central Coast, look no further and contact us today! 


Plantation shutters, also some of the times called as plantation blinds, are inside screens with wide louvers, normally 3-1/2 to 4-1/2 inches in width. They’re the most mainstream and commonly used shades used for sun protection and inside of the house from eve droppers. The bigger louvers give the shades a rich look, which functions admirably in lounge areas, bathrooms, sub rooms and most important the bedrooms. However, these adaptable windows work miracles in easy-going rooms like sun caves and kitchens. The most commonly used colour is white, but it can be purchased in different colours from Mal Glanville and Co. Plantation shutters come in three sorts of material, wood, composite and vinyl. Mal Glanville and Co houses a range of plantation shutters in Newcastle and central coast. 


Did you realize that plantations shutters are one of the most established and historical types of window dressing in the world? This itself is a verification that how much your home needs to have plantation shutters in order to keep your privacy and security intact. Steadily ageless and amazingly adaptable, the plantation shutter can be a solid match for pretty much any condition. How about we investigate a couple of the advantages of shutters in a cutting-edge home. 

  • Plantation shutters can be used to cover any small or large areas while giving you the freedom from heavy and bulky curtains. 
  • Plantation shutters are a sleek, exquisite, and completely ageless expansion to your home. The shutters look stately, unobtrusively elegant, and praises practically any inward stylistic theme. Plantation Shutters can likewise evacuate the cerebral pain of finding complimentary shades for your room and matching the theme. Simultaneously, shades give a progressively expensive, up-showcase look than straightforward blinds. 
  • Plantation blinds are an incredible answer for protecting your home, ventilating the room throughout the hot summer days while keeping the sun under control in the hotter months and blocking cold drafts when the winter shows up. 
  • In contrast to other window covers like curtains, plantation shutters are designed to last. Window ornaments may shred, tear, or stain, and blinds may demonstrate delicate after some time, yet the solidness of screens implies. They will see many moons of utilization because of their better quality of built. 
  • Plantation shutters are all around simple to utilize, regardless of whether for little youngsters at home, the handicapped family members, or the old grandparents. In contrast to overwhelming or unreasonably tall window ornaments, there is no hard and complicated functionality in the utilization of plantation shutters. 
  • You can likewise change inside window shades position whenever to pick between more prominent security or greater imperceptibility. 
  • As an additional cushion between your windows and any open-air wellsprings of sound, plantation shutters can help go about as an extraordinary sound separator, assisting with cancellation of the sounds of traffic or chatters from a close by street. 
  • Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, the additional protection will obviously set you aside from high cost, as you appreciate a drop in your vitality bills from your increasingly productive home. 
  • With open, clean off surfaces, plantation shutters could be the perfect answer for those who struggle with disturbing responses to dust, residue, or pet dander. Thick shades can draw in extensive amount of dust and residue after some time, which can immediately turn out to be a headache when it’s time to clean them. The cleaning gives rise to the production of dust and it spreads in the house, causing more discomfort. 

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