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Make your Engagement Day more stunning with latest fashioned Rings by MDT Designs!

For every girl, the day of her engagement is really special. But for making it more memorable and precious Melbourne has bring an amazing best jeweller store that uses genuine diamonds in their jewellery items. In case you are in search of a gorgeous best handmade solitaire or diamond rings for your engagement, MTD designs is the perfect choice.  

Stunning Handmade ring on engagement, shocked? 

Well, even I was shocked when I get to know about this beauty creators. Same reaction I gave when I was informed about handmade rings for my special day. But I visited their site and was actually shocked of watching such pretty engagement items. I’ve never seen such wonderful sophisticated and stylish rings ever. There are actually unique engagement rings, elegant, classic and edgy. MDT Designs have got a huge number of lavishing jewellery products that your heart really desires to wear on your special occasion. 

The team at MDT Design is actually a highly expert professional team that deals with their client from best pure heart and serve them with an advice of what is good for you or what’s not. In this city Melbourne, MDT Designs has bring your dreaming best rings into reality. Whatever design you ask the team of MDT, you’ll exactly get the same.  

Here, at the MDT Design, the team always creates precious best diamond jewellery in Melbourne for any special occasion like wedding, engagement, gifts or special days. They not only offers rings but also other items as well like earrings, pendants, bracelets etc. You can get all these products right there in CBD store of jewellery. All of their bespoke handmade jewellery is also available on their site, which are 100% original and Australian made. In case you are too stuck in preparations of your engagement and are not capable to go to the store, you can order it online by visiting our site. 

You can contact Nicholas Theochari also with his expert team of professional best designers, jewellers or ring makers, they will deal you individually and design a perfect diamonds as well for your special day or your companion as well. In case you need a traditional best or also contemporary ring design, the expert team will customize your ring exactly the way you want to wear. The best thing about MDT Designs is their usage of finest best precious quality stones and metals. 

The four best services or categories that MDT Designs provide are: 

  1. Bridal 
  2. Diamond 
  3. Collection 
  4. Warranty and also services 

The bridal category includes: 

  1. Engagement Rings 
  2. Multi Stone Rings 
  3. Pink Diamond Rings 
  4. Sapphire Rings 
  5. Solitaire Rings 
  6. Tension Set Rings 
  7. Yellow Diamond Rings 
  8. Ladies Wedding Rings 
  9. Wedding Day Accessories 
  10. Men’s Wedding Rings 
  11. Men’s Simple Wedding Bands 
  12. Men’s Diamond Bands 
  13. Men’s Mokume Gane 

The diamond category includes: 

  1. The 4c’s 
  2. Certified Diamonds 
  3. Kimberly Processed Diamonds 
  4. Diamond Certificate 
  5. Australian Pink Argyle Diamonds 
  6. Argyle White Diamonds 
  7. Australian Yellow Diamond 

The Collection Category includes: 

  1. Tension Set Rings 
  2. Gemstones 
  3. Fancy Coloured Diamonds 
  4. Collection 
  5. Tension Set Rings 
  6. Gemstones 
  7. Fancy Coloured Diamonds 
  8. Australian Pink Diamonds 
  9. Australian Yellow Diamonds 
  10. Treated Blue Diamonds 
  11. Mokume Gane Rings 
  12. Dress Rings 
  13. Men’s Rings 
  14. Earrings 
  15. Pendants 

MDT Designs provides following warranty and services: 

  1. Warranty  
  2. Insurance 
  3. Service 
  4. Jewellery Cleaning 
  5. Rhodium Plated Jewellery 
  6. Jewellery Repairs 
  7. Ring Resizing 
  8. Jewellery Education 
  9. Jewellery Care 
  10. Jewellery Carryings 

MDT Designs knows that it could be a hard procedure, mostly in the event that if your partner hasn’t dropped any clues. The team regularly suggest that you go with your instinct on the format of the ring as you are aware of her every day ways of life and works of art schedule. With respect to the jewel structure, on the off chance that the partner hasn’t referred to anything concerning the unique engagement rings in Melbourne they will help you as supporter to go with the round uncommon decrease as it’s far the most looked for after diminish. The exemplary appearance of a circular solitaire wedding band is unified with a reason to stand the check of time. If all else fails and experience something somewhat more novel is required, you may continually endeavour extravagant framed precious stones comprising of a princess decrease, pad cut, pear shape or emerald diminish. 

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