How To Slash The Costs Of Your Wedding Without Compromising On Glamour 

Is your wedding budget stressing you out? Then don’t worry, because the good news is that there are several great ways to cut the cost of your big day without having to compromise on glamour and style. A big wedding with all the trimmings is always going to cost a lot, but there are several tricks and tips that you can use to spend less. Here are five awesome ways to cut costs without sacrificing any style.  

#1. Negotiate the Venue’s Per-Head Price: 

If you’re throwing a smaller reception as opposed to a massive party, there’s likely going to be some wiggle room when it comes to the per-head price. The rate for your reception venue will typically cover the cost of staffing fees, alcohol and rentals, all of which will be less if you’re not inviting a massive crowd of guests. Either way, it’s always worth trying to negotiate a lower price with the venue – you may be surprised at the results you can get.  

#2. Be Flexible with Your Date: 

To save money on a lavish wedding, it might be worth being a little more flexible on your date. For example, getting married during a public holiday tends to be cheaper since these times of the year are usually less popular for nuptials, allowing you to bag lower prices due to decreased demand. If you can, getting married on a week day instead of a weekend can also be one of the best ways to drive the total cost of your big day down. Or, defy tradition and go for a winter wedding – here’s where you’ll find the lowest prices for venues, caterers, and wedding limousines Melbourne, since demand soars during the warmer months.  

#3. Choose Your Flowers Wisely: 

Did you know that something as simple as the colours of the flowers you choose can make a big difference to the amount that you spend on your wedding day? Shades such as blue and purple are in high demand for weddings, but with these being more difficult shades to obtain, their price is often at the higher end of the scale. On the other hand, common shades such as pink, yellow and white can look just as stunning for bouquets and decorative flower arrangements and tend to be priced far cheaper.  

#4. Ask for Freebies from the Hotel: 

It’s definitely worth asking your hotel if they offer any complimentary services for wedding packages. For example, many hotels will offer you the bridal suite free of charge if you have booked at least ten of their rooms for wedding guests. Other complimentary services that many hotels will offer for wedding parties are shuttle buses for guests to and from the wedding and distribution of gift bags.  

#5. Use Your Photos for a Portfolio: 

It’s a good idea to show your photographer your Pinterest posts and other ideas that you have before you start talking money. If they are into your whole theme and vibe, many photographers will offer you a discounted price providing you are OK with them using your photos in the future to advertise their services and for displaying in their portfolio. You might also want to consider hiring a student photographer or somebody who’s just setting up their business, since they’re more likely to offer cheaper rates in return for your support.  

These are just some of the best ways to save money on your wedding without being any less glam and stylish.  

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