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How much of scotch whiskey can make a man drunk?

It is in the instinct of man to celebrate his victory or his joyous moments with his loved ones. These moments can vary from farewell party celebration to a welcome party and from reception to prom night. Whatever the reasons of celebration might but one thing which can be seen in all such occasion and events is the use of drinks. One of the most commonly used drink and the most loved one as well is the whiskey. Now, whiskey can be of different types depending upon its taste, its origin, etc. These whiskeys can vary from scotch whisky to bourbon whiskey.  In this article, we will be particularly discussing about the fact that how much of scotch whiskey can make a person drunk. 


Basically, whiskey is the alcoholic drink which has been undergone through the process of fermentation. Fermentation is the process in which compound or any other product is chemically broken down by bacteria or yeast. The compound that is fermented in case of whiskey composition is mashed grain. Mashed grain is the combination of different types of grains. Conclusively, we can say that whiskey is the alcoholic drink in which mashed grain has undergone the process of fermentation. There are different types of whiskey which differ on the basis of their taste, origin and other characteristics. 

Scotch whiskey: 

Scotch whiskey is the type of whiskey which has been originated from the Scotland. Barley or mashed grain is extracted from the region of Scotland which then undergoes the process of fermentation under the supervision of Scotland drinking authorities. Scotch whiskey can also be categorised into various types. This difference is based upon the age of whiskey. The youngest age of scotch whiskey is about twelve years old and the oldest scotch whiskey is approximately about fifty years old. There is a famous saying that the older the whiskey is the better will be its taste. 

Comparison between whiskey and wine: 

Even though both; whiskey and wine are alcoholic drinks but still there lay some differences among the two. Whiskey is a distilled drink whereas wine does not undergo the process of distillation. Both of these drinks are further categorised into various types like whiskey can be sub divided into scotch whiskey, bourbon whiskey, Irish whiskey and so on. Similarly, wine is divided into red wine, white wine and so on. 

The amount of scotch whiskey that can make a person drunk: 

There is a specific amount of ethyl alcohol that is present in every kind of whiskey. Now, the question arises is that if ethyl alcohol is present in every kind of whiskey then how come a person gets drunk from a specific kind? The answer to this question lies in various statements. Firstly, it is the amount of whiskey or scotch whiskey that has been consumed, if it is taken in more quantity then a person is definitely going to get drunk. Moreover, it depends upon the drinking capacity of a person because if a person is a regular drinker then a glass or two of scotch whiskey is not going to make any effect on the man. 

Other than the above mentioned reasons, the age of a scotch whiskey also determines the capacity of getting drunk. It has been observed that the older scotch whiskeys have more capability of making a man drunk as compared to the scotch whiskeys which have been retained for lesser years. However, the main factor in making a person drunk is the quantity or the amount of scotch whiskey intake. 


One thing that is must for every party or celebration is whiskey or more specifically scotch whiskey. The use of scotch whiskey adds fun element to every party or celebration. Scotch whiskey is basically a Scotland originated whiskey which is produced by alcoholic distillation of mixed grains. These are then fermented to obtain scotch whiskey. There is no second opinion in the fact that ethyl alcohol is present in every alcoholic drink. Similarly, there is ethyl alcohol in scotch whiskey as well but that alone does not makes a person drunk enough rather it is the amount of drink that has been consumed which makes a person drunk. “Nicks wine merchant or vintage direct” offers the best quality of scotch whiskey. 

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