From Facebook To Twitter And Back Again

Everyone on Facebook or Twitter these days reckon they know what it takes to really take care of a social media account. However, they are not correct – and there are several things that determined whether or not one really knows what they are doing on these various platforms. More and more, the portals and properties are becoming vitally important to brands, as they engage with current customers and future clients. They can’t trifle with the management of these accounts any longer – and any company or business worth its salt should know full well that it’s best to get an outsourced digital marketing company to run this key factor. 

The ins and outs 

Many will tell you that social media management is becoming more of an exact science that a hit or miss thing these days. They have been through the trials and tribulations of trying to do it themselves for their company or individual entities. While they have got it right in some areas, they have messed up in others. It’s so worth considering the amount of hours put into this is actually better spent with your core business. This service really is best outsourced, even just in part – or perhaps you want to toy with the idea of doing so in full. 

The right fit 

While an agency offering should be full scope and all encompassing, some might specialize in some social media platforms and not others. If you want the full package, then look long and hard for the right fit for you and your business. But if you want someone or some people that are really good at Twitter, for instance, then you will need to look for those specifications too. Ask around, touching base with your colleagues and others in the field to see what or who they know about this subject. 


When you think you might have found that right fit, which you reckon is going to be a beneficial employment for you, then do you background research. Check out their credentials and see how much experience they have. You don’t want anyone that is effectively a fly by night arrangement and while you might not always be able to afford the most experienced and award winning, you should be able to find a good middle ground for you and them both. Word of mouth, again, will be very helpful here. If not, then a substantial Internet search across your favourite browser should turn up some solid results, provided their SEO and key wording has been put into place properly. 

Ongoing communication 

You will need to meet with them regularly to ensure that the right direction is ascertained and kept on track on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. This sort of regularity will stand relations in good stead, ensuring all and sundry are on the same page throughout. So, yes, insist that you meet face to face relatively frequently. If not face to face and in person, then over Skype or some other video call service could suffice too. 


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