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Patio- Umbrellas- an introduction:  

Unlike ordinary umbrellas, patio umbrellas are used for making the lawn and the balcony areas look a bit lavished. They aren’t supposed to take out to avoid sun or to avoid rain because they are bigger in sizes and they come with complete sets of the same designed chairs and table set. People who like to sit outdoors and who enjoy having a good cup or evening coffee they make use of a patio umbrella set. Generally, patio umbrellas are of two types. 

Wooden Patio umbrellas: Wooden patio umbrellas are made of fine quality wood and they come with amazing designs carved by architects. But they remain in low demand as they are more prone to get soggy and moist due to extreme weather conditions. So, they require special care and instructions to be followed in order to keep them last longer. 

Aluminum patio umbrellas: Aluminum patio umbrellas are more popular in demand as they can be kept in a lot of weather extremes and they are stronger and they can be easily taken care of with a gentle little polish every now and then. Aluminum patio umbrellas are also less prone to catching rust as compare to the iron ones. Hence, this way they make a good investment.  

Everything about Patio umbrella sale:  

We at factory to home are a team of people who take their work to the next customer friendly level. We deal in good quality products and we tend to sale them at factory prices. We have amazing team of workers and a good symmetry of the factory area that makes us stronger together. We have been proving our loyalty to our regular customers in everything they demand for their houses and their backyards. Our patio umbrellas are one of our best sold product and because of the success we are having a patio umbrella sale going on. We are dealing with following sale categories for patio umbrella sale:  

Discount on every Aluminum patio umbrella: As aluminum patio umbrella remained our best seller hence we made a really awesome discount offer for them.  

Easy picking ideas on random chair sets: our team assists a lot in picking the best design from our variety of products. We tend to select the size of the patio and the color of the whole set according to the flora of the garden.  

Customized designing:  This is one of the most popular demand we find to get. People have different floral color combinations which they tend to organize in their lawns. Hence, we make patio umbrellas of our customer’s choice too.  

Upholstered bed frame-an introduction: 

Upholstered bed frames are one of the popular demands we are placed forward with. Upholstered bed frames are basically bed frames with high sides and this gives a beautiful look to the room. They have a head and legs side which is then stuffed in with velvet or such other material with different colors to give it a beautiful royal look. In making beds the most important thing is to assemble its parts. We make frames of the beds and we make sure to create them according to the design provided by our customers. Upholstered bed frame is one of our popular demand. Usually young girls ask for them because we design the bed frames in vintage princess styles and that makes them quite luxurious and appealing.  

Our services:  

We make customized designs keeping in the mind the customer’s request. Many a times people who come to our shop they already an idea in their head and we make their wishes come true. Secondly, we have this amazing color scheme to make our upholstered bed frame in Australia appealing and more beautiful. We have a wide color range which we can provide to our customers with respect to their choice. Thirdly, as we know that upholstered beds are beautified by the use of velvet and cloth like these. We have fine quality of cloth being used at our shop which lasts for a longer time and also is moisture tolerant and soft in texture.  

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